Tracy’s Limitless Health & Wellness Success Story

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Joanne’s Limitless Health & Wellness Success Story

I hope this finds you well and want to thank you for your patience.

My experience with your organization has been nothing but positive.

Your staff embodies professionalism, compassion and enthusiasm.  It’s very clear that they believe in what they are doing and want to help people.

The procedure that I received included harvesting adipose tissue that holds the stem cells.  I experienced very little discomfort and it was over quickly.  I did experience mild shaking of my hands and a systemic experience similar to caffeine afterward and was told that it was due to a medicine to decrease bleeding at the site and, as promised, it went away fairly quickly.

The stem cells were then separated out and I was ready for phase two. I had torn meniscus in both knees so I received three stem cell injections in each knee as well as an IV infusion. The knee sites were prepared with a topical anesthetic and the injections were practically painless. The IV was a non-event.

Prior to the procedure, I had been having increasingly limited mobility and every step was painful. The rest of my body was out of alignment from trying to compensate for my awkward gait. It was also impacting my sleep as, by the end of the day, my knees were aching with shooting pain and finding a comfortable sleep position was impossible. It was getting progressively worse but the stories that I heard from friends about their “traditional” knee procedures were not encouraging so I waited.

Thank God I did! It has been one month since I had the procedure and my life is changed!  The first night I slept like a baby!  It was very reassuring when I received a call from Dr. Menton the next day to check in and answer any questions that I might have had. The next few days my knees seemed to be improving. I did my best to stay off my feet as I didn’t want to smash the new little cells.  I also was fortunate enough to have a previously planned vacation a few days later, so I spent the next ten days with my feet up the majority of the time. Upon returning to the real world and a fairly active lifestyle I became aware that my knees felt better but the muscles that support them had suffered from my prolonged awkward gait. I began gradual, gentle exercises to improve the muscle tone in my legs and hips. I had to teach myself how to walk again.  Since starting this, I have only occasional muscle pain.  I even took my dog into the yard and walked for quite some time on the uneven grass with steady footing and no pain!  My endurance is increasing every day and my knees don’t hurt at night anymore!

Speaking of endurance, it seems that every day my energy improves.  It isn’t like supplements that I’ve taken in the past that gave me energy followed by a crash.  I’ve been needing less sleep and waking up refreshed. I have had a flow of consistent, even energy, less irritability and dramatically decreased sugar cravings.  I didn’t feel this good thirty years ago!

I can’t thank you all enough for this amazing gift.  I feel like I’ve been given a new lease on life. I can keep up with my massage practice pain-free. I thought that I would never really be able to garden again and now I can’t wait for Spring to come! You have given me my life back!

Please feel free to call if you have any questions.